A life without violence is a fundamental human right



On November 25th we celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women after the murder in 1960 of the Mirabal sisters in the hands of the Dictator Trujillo police in the Dominican Republic.

In tribute to militants fallen and all our fellow workers fighting every day for a non-violent society. We remember this day and reaffirm our commitment and permanent work to bring to light, prevent and denature those violent practices against women.

Female sex workers daily undergo three-part oppression: for being women, for our economic status and for our activity. The ways in which violence is exercised against us varies: criminalization and marginalization of our work, being invisible, police abuse, our voices are not heard, our self-determination as sex workers is not respected, having others speaking in our name, not having laws recognizing our work, thousands of working women murdered that in many cases go unpunished for lack of attention or naturalization. These are the daily violence against we daily struggle from the Red de Mujeres Trabajadoras Sexuales del Caribe Hispano (RedTraSex).

While our work is not recognized as such the marginality in which we are involved will continue to enable the violation of our rights. That is why we demand our regional governments to commit themselves and take action passing laws to protect our work and improve our working conditions.

The violence we female sex workers face is not a private question nor is justified by our activity as many would want us to believe. It is a violation of rights, challenges against the human being, and is the responsibility of all of us to face.

From RedTraSex we are determined that the network and the organization contribute to deepen our fight for more equal societies, free from violence, stigmas and discrimination. That is our struggle and that is our commitment today and always.

Elena Reynaga RedTraSex Executive Secretary

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