6 reasons why women sex workers demand legal and free abortion



Women sex workers fight for the recognition of our labor and human rights.

Women sex workers fight for the recognition of our labor and human rights. For us, this struggle includes the full respect and fulfillment of our sexual and reproductive rights as an inalienable demand. It is in this context that we decided to raise our voices and join the feminist movement and women’s groups who for several years have been demanding that States legalize abortion. We are women, like many of the social activists who fought these battles before us.

Our lived experience and our organizing efforts have convinced us that the only way to reduce maternal mortality, ensure that all women can freely relate to our bodies and promote our capacity to make autonomous decisions about our lives, is to demand the fulfillment of our rights and to forge a strategic alliance with the State, so that it will create public policies to raise awareness, provide comprehensive sexuality information and education, speed up access to contraceptives, legalize the termination of pregnancies and guarantee that they are provided for free.

Even though society intends to deny or hide it, abortions do happen and it is usually those women with the least resources who undergo them under precarious conditions in a context of secrecy, fear and danger. Abortion is indeed a public health issue and as such the State has the obligation to secure women’s right to the highest level of health.

RedTraSex’s women sex workers fight for legal and free abortion, against violence towards women, for equality and respect of human rights throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Women sex workers demand legal and free abortion because of these six reasons.

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