21/06/2016 - Comunicados

REDTRASEX statement at the High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS 2016
We are the leaders of our lives. We decide about our bodies. We have rights and we demand they are respected. (+)

30/11/2016 - Investigaciones

Sex work and working conditions: the impact of being clandestine
This report presents the outcomes of the Study on Working Conditions for Sex Work in 14 countries of Latin America and the Caribe produced by the Latin American and Caribbean Women Sex Workers’ Network (RedTraSex) during 2015-2016. (+)

19/08/2015 - Executive Secretary

Amnesty International supports our struggle for more rights
As we have repeteadly argued, regulating autonomous sex work and repealing any laws that indirectly encourage harassment and violence against us is the suitable way to respect and guarantee the human rights of those who voluntarily choose to engage in sex work. (+)