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12/09/2012 - Executive Secretary

We celebrate the World Day of the Female Condom

Today the World Day of the Female Condom is celebrated for the first time. This date aims to increase the number of women and men around the world who know the female condom and know how to use it.

Compañeras de La Sala hacen una demostraciones de cómo utilizar el condón femenino, en la Escuela de policía de Costa Rica.

From RedTraSex, we adhere to the Campaign for Universal Access to Female Condoms for better consciousness of self-care.

With this meaning, we share a study *done in 2007 by the fellows of REDTRABSEX of Ecuador*, which investigated the use and acceptance of the female condom among sex workers. It was a very good experience, as it was considered important having another method to prevent STIs and HIV.