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29/11/2012 - Mexico

One more year, and we continue to grow

RedTraSex grows in years and in organizations: the Mexican organization Mujer Libertad joins to the collective and regional work of the network.

The representative of the organization, our fellow Monica Mendoza, attended the RedTraSex Workshop on Advocacy and Communication and formalized their incorporation into the network in its 15th anniversary.

The Mexican institution Mujer Libertad emerged in 1997, as many of the organizations of RedTraSex, to deal with aggression and institutional violence that sex workers suffer from Public Safety and the media. Since then they continued to grow and strengthen their territorial labor, in four states in Mexico nowadays, and their advocacy action.

These fighter women have achieved through their hard work installing the need and the discussion for the existence of a law on sex work in the State of Querétaro; they succeeded in replacing the obligatory prophylaxis carnet for a Federal Healthcare Carnet —achieving non-obligatory HIV testing— and they also managed that was accepted the Law on Gender Violence.

According Monica Mendoza, president of Mujer Libertad: "Joining a regional network is giving greater weight to a national organization. For us it is an achievement being part of RedTraSex because we will not advance alone anymore, but holding hands with 15 countries".
Meanwhile Elena Reynaga, RedTraSex Executive Secretary, said that Mexico is one of the countries in the region with more violence against women and against sex workers and, in that sense, that the organization Mujer Libertad has joined RedTraSex will be important for them, they will have support and can make complains at a regional level. But mostly, Elena remarked that "for many years other people are talking on behalf of Mexican sex workers and that’s why it is important that girls have returned here and that they are themselves with their own voice".

The anniversary of the network came with a beautiful gift: new fellows, new voices seeking to be heard at a regional level and pushing the network to grow, to consider new objectives. As the referents rose at the Workshop on Advocacy and Communication, the dream of many is to cover all the countries of Latin America and the Hispanic Caribbean. Today lacks a bit less.