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8/05/2012 - Colombia


The first quarter of this year the organization ASMUBULI, referent of the RedTraSex in Colombia, worked in various fields for the rights of female sex workers in their country.

After the assassination of a member of the Colombian organization, Lady Zabaja, in the hands of her partner, ASMUBULI representatives met with Deputy Secretary of Social Policy —Dr. Camilo Revelo— and with the Advisory of the Social Manager of the Municipality of Ipiales
—Dr. Gabriela Guevara—. With the officials they addressed the issue of the protection measures for older adult female sex workers.

Working indoors

On another front, the Colombian fellows conducted a meeting involving 48 female sex workers and the Social Manager of the Municipality of Ipiales (Nariño), Dr. Miriam Ruiz de Vela, to unveil the work plan of the ASMUBULI association for this year.

Trusted Networks and coordinated work

ASMUBULI members visited establishments where sex work is exercised in the town of Duitama (Boyacá Department).

Lectures were organized; condoms were delivered together with materials on the work that the organization, member of the RedTraSex, made in defense of women’s rights on prevention of sexually transmitted infections or HIV/AIDS.

"Whores are marching for their rights, do not forget"

With this slogan, more than 200 female sex workers participated in the march organized in February in the department of Boyacá, Colombia. Initiative that "helped to vindicate female sex, and to make visible that the problems in access to health care for women of Boyacá continues", said Fidelia Suarez, referent of the RedTraSex in Colombia.

Meetings and workshops

During the month of March, ASMUBULI members participated in two workshops that aimed to strengthen ties with other institutions. Fidelia Suarez, a representative of the organization, held working meetings with Dr. Jorge Pacheco, representing the organization Liga SIDA (AIDS League), to work jointly in Bogotá and assess the current state of the EPS (Health Promotion Entities) and SISBEN (Public Health System for low-income people).

In this sense, Suarez worked with the UNAIDS Colombia coordinator, Dr. Luis Angel Moreno, with whom she discussed the needs that the National Network of Female Sex Workers of Colombia has to be trained and strengthened.

March continued restless for the female sex workers that integrate ASMUBULI. They were invited to a workshop organized by IOM and the Ministry for Health and Protection on the sexual violence that exists in Colombia towards women in general. This workshop was shared with 24 women leaders from different departments of Colombia.