31/07/2012 - Guatemala

Backed up by experience

Fellows from Mujeres en Superación (OMES) are special guests of the Diploma in HIV CONEVIH, where they facilitated the module on Sex Work.

Compañeras de OMES asisten on-line a clase

Ten members from OMES are forming themselves in the Diploma of 6 months that ends in October, in order to have tools for comprehensive care of people living with HIV.

The course has a mixed methodology (classroom and distance lessons) that facilitates virtual presence to each class by the fellows. Among other issues, they have modules on Human Rights, HIV prevention, stigma and discrimination, access to health, but they also deal with current regulations, so they study laws and protocols.

Fellows were invited to facilitate the module on Sex work "in which we deal with myths about sex work, our reality and where we target to sensitize to be considered subjects of law", said Yanira Tobar, president of OMES.

Thanks to the training they are receiving at the Diploma, OMES members are replicating among peers. "With what girls learn, our work is facilitated because they help us disseminating what we do from the organization, they train other female sex workers or give informal lectures at schools or health centers to professionals", said Yanira.