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20/11/2012 - Argentina

A.M.M.A.R. was supported by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Rights of Mendoza

Fellows from A.M.M.A.R. Mendoza met with representatives of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Rights to work together for the rights of female sex workers and the draft of the law regulating autonomous sex work.

On 20th of November, fellows from the subsidiary of Mendoza met with the Minister of Social Development and Human Rights —Guillermo Elizalde—, Human Rights Deputy Secretary —Maria Jose Ubaldini—, the Director of Human Rights Protection —Ruben Cuello— and Deputies Lorena Saponara and Evangelina Godoy.

After the enactment of the ordinance that prohibits the running of night-clubs and whiskey bars in the capital city, fellows from A.M.M.A.R. were able to meet with officials to discuss this issue. The representative of the subsidiary, Fatima Olivares, told about the meeting: "basically what we discussed was the need to differentiate between sex work and trafficking. Also of the regulation of autonomous sex work, which means, among other things, that female sex workers can make pension contributions and have access to social welfare".

For his part, Minister Elizalde said: "The main premise is to fight against trafficking and pimping", and he added that women "need state support to leave this job if they want to or to be protected if they do not want to".

Regarding the law promoted by A.M.M.A.R. on regulation of sex work, the deputy Lorena Saponara supported the initiative and said "This will help to combat trafficking, because we will know how many girls are working, who they are, where they work and where they come from".

Finally, the Minister said that he will accompany the legislative process and work in joint actions.