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16/01/2018 - Research

Sex Work and Institutional Violence
When being pushed underground goes hand in hand withthe abuse of authority and rights violations.
Research conducted in 13 Latin American and Caribbean countries (+)

29/11/2017 - Testimonies

Nueva traducción: Violencia institucional en las detenciones
Las detenciones ocurren muchas veces en forma imprevista, llegan intempestivamente, de sorpresa y muchas veces a través de engaños; en el caso de las MTS de espacios cerrados aparecen policías de civil encubiertos como clientes para poder ejecutar sus procedimientos, siendo esto una dinámica perversa que se repite continuamente y que está avalada por las autoridades estatales, sobre todo cuando se realizan detenciones.
En las mismas, las MTS sufrimos constantes amenazas y situaciones de violencia física, psicológica y sexual. (+)

23/03/2017 - Other news

IACHR Holds First Hearing on the Rights of Sex Workers in the Americas
Washington, D.C. - The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expresses its concern regarding the lack of legal certainty faced by female sex workers in the Americas. The IACHR urges States in the region to design regulations and public policies that guarantee sex workers’ human rights, including measures to protect their lives, their integrity, and their honor and dignity, as well as to put an end to the stigma and discrimination against them. (+)

18/07/2016 - Other news

The Second Durban Declaration
There has been remarkable progress in our response to AIDS since the global HIV community last convened in Durban in 2000. Curbing the spread of HIV was the first step . Accelerating investment and action on a robust human rights and social justice agenda is the next. (+)

6/06/2016 - Political statements

We denounce this omission, we shall not be silenced
We denounce the great omission of our population that has taken place at the Political Declaration of the High Level Meeting. (+)

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