16/01/2018 - Research

Sex Work and Institutional Violence
When being pushed underground goes hand in hand withthe abuse of authority and rights violations.
Research conducted in 13 Latin American and Caribbean countries (+)

19/10/2015 - Research

Study on Stigma and Discrimination against Women Sex Workers in Access to Health Services in Latin America and the Caribbean
This summary presents the outcomes of a research study undertaken in 15 LAC countries with the goal of learning about health care and access to health services by women sex workers (WSW). The availability of general health care services and of those specifically designed for sex workers were studied, as well as women sex workers’ experiences of stigma and discrimination in the health sector. Each stage of the research was led by WSW and their organizations which were fully involved in the process. (+)

31/10/2014 - Research

Human rights situation of female sex workers in 15 countries of the Americas
RedTraSex was founded in 1997 during a meeting in Costa Rica at which female sex workers (FSW) from the region were able to meet for the first time. (+)