Our History

The National Network of Women with Dignity (Red Nacional de Mujeres con Dignidad) was founded in May 2010 with the fusion of two organizations of Panamanian sex workers: "Women fighting for a new life" (Mujeres luchando por una nueva vida) and "Women with dignity and rights" (Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho) in pursuit of adding strength to their fight for a better quality of life for all women who are dedicated to autonomous sex work in their own self-consent. We are currently visiting provinces of Panama to generate organizations all over the Nation and strengthen our network; we know that only together we can achieve changes.


Mail: panama1@redtrasex.org.ar

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27/11/2012 - Panama

For the Elimination of Violence against Women
Fellows from Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho of Panama participated in a campaign to raise awareness on violence against women. (+)

13/08/2012 - Panama

Building Capacities
Fellows from Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho have participated in the last months in workshops and meetings in order to improve their field work. (+)
Compañeras agasajadas en su día

6/06/2012 - Panama

Honorees for their work
Fellows from Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho were lionized by the Agrupación Genesis for the International Day of Female Sex Workers. (+)
Las trabajadoras sexuales sujetos de consulta

14/05/2012 - Panama

Agents of change
Members of Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho have been invited to several workshops and meetings to give their voice as sex workers. (+)

20/10/2011 - Panama

Police repressed sex workers women in Panama
The Network held a public accusation denouncing a repressive operative of the local police against sex workers women. (+)

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