Our History

Mujeres en Superación was born in 2000, with a vision of maintaining a context of solidarity and respect among sex workers women. In 2002, it consolidated as an organization with goals such as get rid of stigma and discrimination associated with sex work, fight against police and institutional violence and reduce HIV/AIDS and STIs among sex workers.
This is how, after a decade, sex workers in Guatemala are making their own history and leading political changes. They are currently participating in the Country Coordinating Mechanism (Mecanismo Coordinador de País – MCP) and working together with fellow organizations such as the Human Rights Defenders Networks, Network on Violence against Women, among others. Agencies and major donors –such as UNAIDS, UNFPA, USAID/PASCA– relied on us, as well as Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.


Yanira Lisette Tobar Marquez - Tel: +502 2250 0930

Mail: guatemala1@redtrasex.org.ar

Mail: omesmts@yahoo.com.mx

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7/12/2012 - Guatemala
International Day to End Violence against Female Sex Workers
On December 17 we commemorate this day as a way to remember the female sex workers victims of the murderer in Green River, Seattle (Washington). (+)
15/11/2012 - Guatemala
Workshop on Political Positioning
In October, Guatemalan organization OMES organized a workshop to strengthen the empowerment of female sex workers. (+)
Compañeras de OMES asisten on-line a clase
31/07/2012 - Guatemala
Backed up by experience
Fellows from Mujeres en Superación (OMES) are special guests of the Diploma in HIV CONEVIH, where they facilitated the module on Sex Work. (+)
Compañeras de OMES, analizan datos junto con integrantes de la Universidad
31/07/2012 - Guatemala
Workplaces and vulnerability
OMES and the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala are developing together a mapping of sex work sites to evaluate the factors that undermine the work of our fellows. (+)
Resolución 57-2012 recientemente aprobada
29/07/2012 - Guatemala
Good law, bad practice
In March the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Guatemala approved the Regulations for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and control of STIs and HIV by working closely with civil society organizations, but it is still not effectively implemented. (+)

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