Our History

A group of female sex workers we met in October 2005 to form Orquídeas de Mar (Sea Orchids). We organized with the purpose of deciding for ourselves against the injustice and the violation of our rights. In El Salvador, until then, there was not any organization composed pure and exclusively of sex workers, who were the protagonists of their own political changes. We did not know how to form an organization, but we were willing to do it. We began to meet in parks and cafes, looking for more and more fellows to join our dream of being able to organize ourselves to take control of our own history. In 2010 we obtained our legal status. We are more every day, and that motivates us to continue on this way. 

Not many know this, but in the sea orchids grow. Such a beautiful flower, that survives in deep… many do not know they are there. Same as we are, sex workers, who survive in the midst of adversity by prevailing over all the beauty of our spirit and the strength of our fight.


Haydee Laínez - Tel: +503 25341742

Mail: elsalvador1@redtrasex.org.ar

Mail: mmtorquidiasdelmar@yahoo.com.mx

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7/12/2012 - El Salvador
Against violence and HIV
On the International Day to Combat AIDS, Orquídeas del Mar organized an activity together with the Committee for the Prevention of Violence against Sex Workers and the UNDP. (+)
21/08/2012 - El Salvador
Female sex workers, consulted
Fellows from Orquídeas del Mar attended the presentation of the study: "Assessment of regional and national networks, organizations and groups in formation that works on projects and activities aimed at the prevention and/or care of HIV in PEMAR populations" because they were the consultation source for this investigation. (+)
Representante de la Coalición expone cambios fundamentales a la actual Ley de VIH/SIDA
21/08/2012 - El Salvador
Coalition for HIV Law
The organization Orquídeas del Mar is an active member of the Coalition that is working to amend the Law on HIV in El Salvador, towards ensuring the rights of PLWHA. (+)
Compañeras de la RedTraSex siguen con atención las charlas
24/07/2012 - El Salvador
Strategic litigation: objectives, opportunities and challenges
Different organizations members of RedTraSex attended the “Strategic litigation” workshop by “Red Balance”, progressive feminist organization that seeks to advocate in the design and implementation of public policies on sexual rights. (+)
Haydee Lainez, presidenta de Orquídeas
27/05/2012 - El Salvador
Our vote is worth
Referents from Orquídeas del Mar gave a note to CoLatino Newspaper, where they deepened their historical claims to the politicians to begin to take into account the voice and needs of sex workers wome (+)

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