Our History

Our association is formed by sexual workers in activity and ex sexual workers that began to organize themselves to improve quality of life for all women. We obtained legal status in 2001. La Sala is located in one of the working areas of San Jose, Costa Rica, and is a place to share, relax, learn, ask for information and get derivations to other health services. 

Through the project La Sala, we were able to sensitize the population, which is very important. It was no easy. There have been many instances and many organizations have been sensitized about sex workers. We have gained the support of organizations such as the Central American Social Integration Secretariat (Secretaría de la Integración Social Centroamericana - SISCA) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and many others. We have also sensitized the Costa Rican media to pay more attention to the problems of the sector.


Nubia Ordoñez Ugalde - Tel.: +506 2 2586425


Grettel Quiros Pastrana - Tel.: +506 2 2228201



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14/08/2012 - Costa Rica
"Raising awareness is a prevention strategy"
Members of La Sala were dedicated in recent months to sensitize health professionals and public officials, and also provide workshops to female sex workers. (+)
25/07/2012 - Costa Rica
Female Sex Workers in Costa Rica from north to south
Members of La Sala are conducting prevention workshops among peers and meetings to sensitize health professionals. (+)
13/07/2012 - Costa Rica
Blazing a trail
Members of La Sala participated in a journey of workshops and lectures on “HIV prevention” and “Use of condoms” for students of the Police Academy of Costa Rica. (+)
7/06/2012 - Costa Rica
Towards a national network
In a day filled with good news, as the creation of the Costa Rican national network, La Sala celebrated the International Day of Female Sex Workers. (+)
Taller de Liderazgo
14/05/2012 - Costa Rica
New health coverage
The organization La Sala began in 2012 with many dreams and projects that have begun to take shape, such as provide health services to our fellow sex workers women in Costa Rica. (+)

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