Our History

Fundación Margen was born the 12th of May of 1998, following the need to defend the human rights of sex workers persecuted by the security forces, especially during the period of military dictatorship in Chile. During that time, sex workers gathered at the Sagrado Corazón Parish, where Father Alfonso Baeza performed various calls for help. Once democracy was restored, abuse and violation of basic human rights did not cease. The audits were real abuses of police power against sex workers and the living standards of society in general were increasingly low. That’s why sex workers organized themselves to empower women in a vulnerable social condition, through a leadership that would support and enhance the capabilities and skills of each.


Luisa Figueroa

Mail: funmargen@hotmail.com

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7/12/2012 - Chili
Informed women are empowered women
Between October and November Fundación Margen developed its training course of Chilean and migrants instructors for HIV/AIDS prevention. (+)
7/12/2012 - Chili
Observatory of Public Policies on Health and HIV/AIDS
Fundación Margen collaborates with a project that aims to monitor government policies on HIV/AIDS and STIs. (+)
15/11/2012 - Chili
For the Rights and Duties of Female Sex Workers
Between the months of September and October Fundación Margen implemented this project aimed to peer-work on human and legal rights. (+)
19/07/2012 - Chili
"From claim to the proposal – Futa trawun che mapu"
Under this slogan the female sex workers from Fundación Margen participated in the 1st
National Meeting of People Living with HIV / AIDS in Chile. (+)
19/07/2012 - Chili
More organization against adversity
After some persecutions experienced, fellows from Margen held meetings with neighbors and police authorities to raise awareness and transform. (+)

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