Our History

In 1994, we began to form the Association of Meretrices Women of Argentina (Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina - AMMAR) in response to constant harassment and violence from the police. A few months later, we joined the Argentine Workers’ Central Union (Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina – CTA) which made it possible to know other realities and abandon the self-exclusion to recognize ourselves as workers. In 2002 was the "Union of Sex Workers of Argentina in action for their rights". Together, we discovered that the organization is our motor force to achieve goals that benefit sex workers and the wider society.


Tel.: +54 11 43078100

Web: www.ammar.org.ar

Soledad Díaz (Ammar-LaPlata)

Mail: argentina1@redtrasex.org.ar

Claudia Carranza (Ammar-Entre Ríos)

Mail: argentina2@redtrasex.org.ar

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9/07/2011 - Argentina
Ammar spoke on the presidential decree that forbade sexual classified ads in Argentina
On July 5, the President of Argentina announced by decree the prohibition of sexual classified ads published in the media under the pretext of combating human trafficking cases that might be behind them. (+)
Las compañeras frente al Congreso de la Nación
4/06/2011 - Argentina
AMMAR before the Congress demanding a law regulating Sex Work
Sex workers from 10 AMMAR branches in Argentina gathered on June 2nd before the National Congress to demand for a law regulating their work. The activity was held under the International Sex Workers Day framework and lasted from noon to five in the afternoon. (+)
18/03/2011 - Argentina
Estimation of sizes of Vulnerable Populations and of difficult access
In concentrated HIV epidemics, such as that faced by Argentina, to estimate the size of the most vulnerable populations is critical to planning an effective response. (+)
11/12/2010 - Argentina
Strategic Planning
Between December 6 and 10, the Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina brought together representatives from 10 provinces to carry out a participatory planning process. (+)
3/12/2010 - Argentina
International Day of the Fight against AIDS: AMMAR campaigned across the country
On December 1st, International Day of the Fight against HIV, the Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina (AMMAR) held various activities throughout the country. (+)

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