Our History

In 1994, we began to form the Association of Meretrices Women of Argentina (Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina - AMMAR) in response to constant harassment and violence from the police. A few months later, we joined the Argentine Workers’ Central Union (Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina – CTA) which made it possible to know other realities and abandon the self-exclusion to recognize ourselves as workers. In 2002 was the "Union of Sex Workers of Argentina in action for their rights". Together, we discovered that the organization is our motor force to achieve goals that benefit sex workers and the wider society.


Tel.: +54 11 43078100

Web: www.ammar.org.ar

Soledad Díaz (Ammar-LaPlata)

Mail: argentina1@redtrasex.org.ar

Claudia Carranza (Ammar-Entre Ríos)

Mail: argentina2@redtrasex.org.ar

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6/06/2012 - Argentina
AMMAR remembered Sandra Cabrera
The organization shared with fellows from the Central de Trabajadores Argentinos, the film that recounts the fight of Sandra Cabrera, AMMAR militant killed in 2004. (+)
21/05/2012 - Argentina
"We have rights to full and equal attention in health"
A.M.M.A.R. fellows were trained in “Sexuality and HIV/AIDS” in the framework of the Essential Functions Program and Public Health Programs of the National Ministry of Health. (+)
Las compañeras de Ammar junto a Miguel Pedrola (Director del Programa de Prevención del Sida de Venado Tuerto), Cesar Nuñez (Director Ejecutivo de Onusida Regional) y Ruben Mayorga (Director Ejecutivo de Onusida de Argentina y Conosur)
30/08/2011 - Argentina
Ammar in the Third National Congress on AIDS
The Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina had an outstanding participation in the National Congress held in San Juan province in late August. (+)
15/08/2011 - Argentina
Ammar began its elections to renovate representatives
AMMAR-CTA will develop election of 6 of their delegations to elect new leadership. (+)
13/08/2011 - Argentina
AMMAR in the "End of the World"
The organization opened a new filial, this time in the southernmost city in the world. (+)

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